Open House Notes - Auxiliary Update

(notes by Angie)
Sister Reynolds led this session.
  1. Making Faith in God more integrated with Scouts. 
    Talked about the responsibility of different people: 
    PRIMARY PRESIDENT: responsible to have teachers and leaders informed, have an orientation with them.  Suggest names for these callings.  She stressed the importance of the 11 year old scout leader and what an important calling it is to getting these boys started in their boy scout years - their 11 year old scout leader can make or break scouting for them so consider this position very prayerfully.  Orient families about the program.  She or a counselor serves on the scout committee.  Signs FIG books when program is completed.
    ACTIVITY DAY or DEN LEADER: Make sure it happens.  Work together - scouts and FIG should dovetail - they are not two separate programs but should intertwine with one another.  Keep gospel the focus in scouting, open with prayer, reinforce gospel principles, use church music, etc.  We want boys to develop character, to prepare to receive and honor the Priesthood. BOY/GIRL - their responsibility is to figure what they want to do, what they want to work on.  They check off their own activities as they are done.  Recommend getting the square knot in Bears or Webelos when there is a little more maturity than in wolves.  Recommended an article about scouting in the Church News Sept 20, 2003 by Elder Hammond.  She said if you have not caught the vision of scouting this article is a good one to look at.
  2. Music. 
    Since there wasn't a music workshop this time, she emphasized the following points:
    A - Know the Song;
    B - Sing the words as you teach;
    C - Give children a reson to listen to the words;
    D - Bear testimony of the principles being taught in the song;
    E - Sing the song again and again in a variety of ways.  Some ideas that were suggested were to practice by leaving out a certain word, emphasizing a certain word, can make a cube with different things like - girls only, boys only, acapella, leave out a word, la-la-la, performance position, etc.  She said what performance position is it that you know the words, know the notes, and know in your heart that the words are true.  For performance position you could have the music leader explain how they should stand tall, hold head straight, chin level, sing loudly and clearly without shouting, etc. 
    She said the music leader should teach, but sing more than they talk.  Never expect the children to sing louder than you do.
  3. "Latest and Greatest":
    Some new things - the GAK is now online if you want to print off pictures rather than buying them.  Go to resources on the lds. org website and you can find it there.  Quote President Hinckley: "Effective teaching is the very essence of
    leadership in the church." - have teachers take teacher development class.  There are different ways to do this like having team teachers if you can so one teacher can go to the class on Sundays, have a one- hour class before each quarterly activity day, etc.  We should:
    Live what we teach, Love those we teach, Teach the gospel by the spirit, and Help those you teach to be responsible for what they learn.  She also said we should love those WHO teach, meaning that we need to recognize the good work our teachers do.  She gave the example of how if you teach a great RS lesson, people line up to tell you how great it was, but if you prayerfully prepare a Sunbeam lesson and everything goes wonderfully, all your little students just walk out the door and no one tells you how great it was - so we as presidencies can do that.  She also talked about visiting classes and different people gave suggestions on how to make that work or if they think it was important - basically just that it creates a situation where a teacher may feel comfortable asking us something that they may not seek us out about, but if we are making ourselves available in that situation it will make it easier for them to express their needs or for us to see the needs.