(shared by Terry)

This is notes from a training meting in Rapid City by Sister Matsumori of the Priamry general board.


Divide the group into 3 groups. Have one group count 1-10 as fast as they can when you raise your hand. Have the second group make the sound of doves coo-ing while they pat their laps with their hands. The third group is to make the sounds of sheep and cattle. Then read the scripture about when Christ entered the temple and cast out the money changers etc. Raise your hand and have all 3 groups make their assigned sounds. Stop the group and ask them how Jesus must have felt when he saw this and explain that he cast them out. Then ask the group what sounds they think they would hear in our temples today. Have group 1 to show you how to sit when you pray. Group 2 to show quiet foot steps, group 3 hum a hymn quietly. Explain that the church is also a house of God and we need to be reverant.