Open House Notes - Sister Menlove's talk
(notes by Angie)

Sister Menlove's talk opened with a group of children playing a children's song medley on violins.  

She then talked to the children for a moment about what they like about Primary, activity days, and scouts, and how they know that they are children of God.

Her topic was "Teach His Little Ones" and she said that our goal is to help the children be CLEAN and CLEAR about the gospel.

1.  Understanding who these children we are teaching and their needs:  We are called to assist parents in teaching children.  These children are our responsibility  She talked about the 300 children who followed the missionaries into a stadium in Brazil singing "Called to Serve" - how they are saying WHEN, not IF, they serve missions.  Then about the 800 children in Ghana who sang at the temple - how they are saying WHEN, not IF, they go to the temple.  CHildren are persistent and willing to learn.  She referred us to TNGC, Part C (starts on page 108) to help us evaluate our teaching methodsd and ask ourselves if we are teaching age-appropriately.  She encouraged us to ask parents and children how and what they would
like to be taught.  She then covered some "Ages and Stages": Nursery - are starting to learn important gospel truths
Sunbeams - Happy, emotions close to the surface.  They are learning to give their first talks, prayers in public, etc.
CTR - Preparing for baptism, learning accountability Valiant - Capable of understanding more, making more complicated judgements.  Can offer ways for them to contribute to Primary.  Peers and friendships are very important at this age.  We can give them great hope for the futures despite the world they are living in. As we prepare sharing times, we should think about their needs, characteristics, think of ways to involve older kids who may be getting "bored" with Primary.  *Take time to ask children questions - what do you like?  What would you like changed? etc. 

2 - Teaching as the Savior Taught Referenced 3 Nephi 17

She closed by introducing the workshops (notes on those are separate) and told us to keep our eye on the church website for different ideas and resources (the GAK is now online so you can print pictures off for puzzles, etc. without having to buy them).
3 - We need to testify through the Spirit, our testimonies will help
children make the connection.


Read the talk here: Teach His Little Ones