All Thy Children shall be thought of the Lord
(notes by Angie)
Objective:  To help Primary leaders, teachers, and parents work together to love the children and teach and expect appropriate behavior.

Preparation is Primary - Matthew 18: 2-5. 
Our children have various bakgrounds and abilities.  We need to prepare by reading our scriptures, praying for each child, find ways to involve each one.

Teach and expect appropriate behavior.  They did a little role play thing with one of the board members acting as Sister Aurelia Rogers and using the song "We welcome you" (CS, pg 256) to talk about what they expected of children when Primary started and we can still expect that today.  We can teach children to govern themselves.  We want children to own their own behavior - different things happen in different households, so we have to let them know the "church" rules.  We can have our own rules as long as they are clear to the children.  Some that were suggested were:
  1. Show respect in Heavenly Father's house (need to explain what that means since respect can mean different things in different households)
  2. Treat others as you would like to be treated. 
  3. Will not interrupt the learning of others or myself.

Unite with teachers and parents in this effort.  When you need help, some resources may be the presidency, parents, one-on-one teaching, counsel with priesthood leaders.  Plan with parents and leaders, be flexible and fit the plan to the child, and realize that change takes time. 

Some ways to respons to disruption:

Including all children in Primary (children with special needs). 
Everyone has a right to be accepted and loved in Primary.  We can show empathy, not pity.  Everyone can participate and serve others regardless of their abilities.  Realize that often children with disabilities are touched by music and the spirit, so seek that out. 

Be a support to the family. 
Joseph Smith said that every person born on earth has an opportunity to expand - and we can help facilitate that.  3 Nephi 18:24-25