I can follow Jesus by being a peacemaker
for older children

(Friend Apr 2004 Suggestion # 5)

Have the children read in the scriptures about the importance of being peacemakers. For example

Write the letters P-E-A-C-E-M-A-K-E-R vertically on the board.

Ask the children to think of words or phrases that remind them to be peacemakers.
Have the children stand in a circle.
Begin with a pointer person standing in the center.
He or she calls out one of the letters on the board, points to a child, and begins counting to 10.
Before the pointer gets to 10, that child needs to say a word or phrase that begins with the letter and reminds us to be peacemakers.
If he or she is successful, the pointer calls out the same letter and points to another child. If he or she is not able to, he or she becomes the pointer and stands in the center. Repeat.