Obeying Heavenly Fatherís commandments
and following Jesus helps my family be happy
For younger children
(Friend Apr 2004, suggestion # 3)

Make 8 to 10 large circles and draw smiley faces on them.
Post wordstrips and pictures of Heavenly Father's commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ around the room. For example:

Make a pathway with string or tape on the floor around the room.
This represents the way to follow Jesus Christ.
Have the children, all or a few at a time, stand on the pathway.
Hand out the smiley faces.

Sing Primary songs that teach we can be happy when we obey.

As the children sing, let them walk along the path and pass the smiley faces to each other.
At the end of the song, those who are holding a smiley face can tell or show one way they can live the commandment posted on the wall nearest them.

Sing another song and repeat.