Obeying Heavenly Father’s commandments
and following Jesus helps my family be happy
For older children
(Friend Apr 2004, suggestion # 3)

Following the teachings of Jesus will help bring us happiness.

Write "The Teachings of Jesus" on the board.

Underneath, write out a few scriptures (see list below), leaving out the key words and replacing them with smiley faces.
Give the children an opportunity to look up as many of the references as possible.

Write the key words on wordstrips.
Hand out a few of the wordstrips to the children.

Sing "Choose the Right Way" (pp. 160–61).

When the children sing the word right, have them pass the wordstrips to the right.
At the end of the song, have them post the wordstrips in the appropriate places.

As soon as a scripture is completed, read it out loud together.

Continue to sing and pass the wordstrips until all the missing words are filled in.
Discuss how they can live the teachings taught in these scriptures today.


Key words and scriptures: (1) repent, baptized, name —"Ye must _____ and be _____ in my _____" (3 Ne. 11:38); (2) Thou, Lord, God —"_____ shalt love the _____ thy _____ with all thy heart" (Matt. 22:37); (3) Love, I, you —"_____ one another; as _____ have loved _____" (John 13:34); (4) know, truth, free —"And ye shall _____ the _____, and the truth shall make you _____" (John 8:32); (5) light, people —"Let your _____ so shine before this _____" (3 Ne. 12:16); (6) keep, commandments —"If ye love me, _____ my _____" (John 14:15); (7) treasure, heart —"For where your _____ is, there will your _____ be also" (3 Ne. 13:21).