Obeying Heavenly Father’s commandments
and following Jesus helps my family be happy
(Friend Apr 2004, suggestion # 2)

Play the game Leader Says.

Have the children listen closely to your commands and follow only when you say "leader says" first (for example, "leader says put your hands on your head"; "leader says walk in place"; "stop walking"— children should continue to walk in place because you didn't say "leader says" first).

Tell the children they were great followers, and explain that there is someone else they should listen closely to and follow.

Read together John 13:15. Jesus Christ obeyed Heavenly Father's commandments.

When we follow His example, we will be happy.
Post the Savior's picture in front of the room.
Around His picture, list songs or hymns that tell how we can follow Him.

Divide the children into groups and hand each one a scripture reference. For example,

Have them prepare to do three things:

(1) Read the scripture out loud and explain the principle or commandment we should follow and live;
(2) Choose a song or hymn that matches Jesus Christ's teaching and lead the Primary in singing it;
(3) Act out ways we can follow Jesus Christ's teaching and let others guess what they are doing.

Give them an opportunity to share what they have prepared.