Home can be Heaven on Earth
(Friend Jun 2004, suggestion # 3)

Song Presentation

Before Primary, place the following four clues and seven wordstrips under the children’s chairs.

  1. When people think of me, they think of love.

  2. I am a place where you find kindness and charity.

  3. I am a place where you feel safety, security, happiness, and joy.

  4. I am a place where we want to be. Wordstrips: LOVE, KINDNESS, CHARITY, SAFETY, SECURITY, HAPPINESS, and JOY.) Prepare one wordstrip with the words HOME and HEAVEN to use later.

Invite the children to look under their chairs for clues to the message of the song.
As they read their clues, place the keywords in random order on the board.
Sing the first line of the song; then have a child place the keyword(s) for that line in the order you sang them.
Sing the line together, and listen to see if the order is correct.
Repeat with the other three lines of the first verse until you have all the keywords in the correct order.

Hold the HOME and HEAVEN wordstrip so it does not face the children and give them the last clue: “I start with the letter ‘H.’ How many think the answer to this clue is HEAVEN? How many think it is HOME? [Show wordstrip.] It is both HOME and HEAVEN!”

Sing the song, and ask the children to sing the answers HOME and HEAVEN more loudly than the other words of the song.
Repeat until the children have learned the song.

Bear testimony that when we show kindness, charity, and love to our family, we make our home like heaven here on earth.













Week 1:
How can family prayer strengthen my family? 
Primary 1, lesson 27

Week 2:
How can family scripture study strengthen my family?  Primary 3, lesson 17

Week 3:
How can family home evening strengthen my family?

Week 4:
How can I help strengthen my family?