How can I help strengthen my family
(Friend Jun 2004, suggestion # 4)

A Primary presidency member and the music leader can work together to help the children review ways we can strengthen our families.

Using pictures from the Primary manuals and GAK, select two matching pictures of six different subjects relating to family. For example:

Number the backs of the pictures 1 through 12.
Post the pictures on the board or the floor with the numbered sides showing.
Use the Topics section of the Children’s Songbook (pp. 306–12) to choose songs to go along with the picture topics.

Have a child turn over two of the pictures to try to find a match. If they don’t match, another child takes a turn. If the pictures match, sing a song that goes with the picture’s theme. Children could be given the opportunity to lead the song or to think of hand actions to go with it.

Show GAK 616 and tell the children of President Hinckley’s “Four Simple Things to Help Our Families and Our Nations” (see back of picture or Ensign, Sept. 1996, 7).

Encourage the children to share these four things with their families.