How can family prayer strengthen my family? 
(Friend June 2004, suggestion # 1)

Show a picture of Jesus Christ visiting the Nephites and commanding them to pray.
Read the story together (see 3 Ne. 18:1721).

On the chalkboard write Family prayer strengthens my family.
Write scripture references about prayer (see below) on pieces of paper, and tie each paper to a stick or twig.
Have each class read a scripture and discuss the blessings of prayer.

For example,

To report, have each class read the scripture, tell the blessing from the scripture, and add the stick to the others.
Once all of the sticks have been collected, tie them together in a bundle.

Ask a child to try to bend the bundle of sticks.
When the sticks are bundled together, they become stronger.

Similarly, the blessings of prayer can strengthen our families.

Share an experience of a time when your family was strengthened through family prayer.

Sing a song or hymn about prayer, and have children stand in a circle and hold a string or rope with large buttons or small spools threaded on it to pass along as they sing.
When the music stops, those holding buttons or spools could share a blessing of family prayer.

To conclude, have the children color a picture illustrating 3 Nephi 18:21 to display in their homes