Family scripture study can strengthen my family
(Friend June 2004, suggestion # 2)

Draw a large outline of a house on the board. Draw a table and chairs inside the house.

Give five or six children pieces of chalk, and whisper to them to draw a family member at the table reading the scriptures.
Have the pianist play a song or hymn about the scriptures, and have the Primary guess what the family in the picture is doing.

Point out that just as the children were told what to draw, the Lord speaks to His children through the scriptures.

The scriptures can help us and bless our lives if we read them regularly, pray about them, and follow their teachings.

Help the children memorize D&C 19:23

Have each class learn and act out a verse from “Book of Mormon Stories” (pp. 118–19) (excluding verse 8) with simple props and then sing it to the Primary.
Challenge the children to be prepared to recite D&C 19:23 next Sunday, and follow up on this challenge.