Being baptized and keeping my baptismal covenants can help me prepare to receive the blessings of the temple

(Friend July 2004, suggestion # 1)

To help children understand that being baptized and keeping their baptismal covenants helps them prepare to receive the blessings of the temple, make road signs using these words: Stop, Caution, One Way, Yield, Go.

For each sign write one of My Gospel Standards on paper and cut into wordstrips.
Put each standard in an envelope and paste one to the back of each sign.
Post the road signs and a picture of the temple in the front of the room.
Make a traffic light with red, yellow, and green circles.
Write out 2 Ne. 31:17–18 on a strip of paper and paste on the other side of the traffic light.

Hold up the traffic light and read the scripture.
When we are baptized, we open the gate to the path back to Heavenly Father.
We must be baptized to go to the temple and to enter the celestial kingdom.
After baptism we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, which will help us choose the right.
Turn the sign around.
My Gospel Standards (the NEW standards are found at the end og the article, C. Hillgaard) are like road signs on our path.

(point to red circle) In making choices we can stop and remember Heavenly Father’s plan for us,
(yellow circle) slow down and remember our baptismal covenants,
(green circle) go and listen to the Holy Ghost.