Being temple worthy now can bless me and my family  week 2
(Friend July 2004, suggestion # 3)

Prepare the room by displaying a picture of the temple and the following statement:

“The spirit and blessings of the temple can fill our homes as we live worthy lives.
Even before we are old enough to go to the temple,
we can prepare our hearts by being obedient and choosing the right”
(“Temple Blessings,” Friend, Aug. 2001).

Teach the children about obedience by playing a game called “Being Obedient: Then and Now.”

Prepare five items that represent challenges to obedience during pioneer times.

For “then”, for example:

  1. a stick = steep rough hillsides,
  2. blue fabric = rivers to cross,
  3. rock = rocky trails to walk,
  4. picture of a sun = hot days cold nights,
  5. picture of a wagon wheel = wagon wheels to constantly repair

Make up five case studies of “now” challenges, for example

Inside five numbered sacks, place a “then” item, a “now” case study, and the name of a song about obedience.

Though the pioneers had difficulties, they followed Brigham Young and were obedient in keeping the commandments.
Read the statement about the temple above.
As the children sing “Keep the Commandments” (pp. 146–47), have them listen for

  1. the words of a prophet (keep the commandments)
  2. the blessings of obedience (safety and peace).

Hand out the sacks to the children.
Choose a child to stand up front and give two or three instructions for the Primary to pass the sacks (for example, pass it three people to the right, pass it forward once).
He or she then calls out a number from 1 to 5.

The person holding that sack opens it and guesses what challenge the “then” item might represent for the pioneers.
He or she then reads and answers the “now” challenge.
Sing the song that goes with the sack and have the children listen for the commandment(s) to follow and the blessing(s) that will be theirs.
Choose a new child to be a leader and repeat for each sack.

Remind the children that we have challenges in our lives today, but we can become temple worthy as we follow the prophet and keep the commandments.