Family history and temple work unite the generations of my family

(Friend July 2004, suggestion # 4)

Teach the children the importance of family history and temple work by drawing a pedigree chart on the board with spaces to fill in three generations (child, parents, and grandparents). Prepare signs with different family traits or characteristics (mother’s smile, father’s musical talent, etc.).

Sing “Families Can Be Together Forever” (p. 188).
Read Abr. 1:31.

Invite a child to write his name on the “child” line. Give him a sign and comment how his trait is like his “mother” or “father.”

Sing “I Am a Child of God” (pp. 2–3).

Invite two more children to represent a father and mother, and write their first names on the father and mother line.
Give them a sign, then comment on how their traits are similar to one or both of their “parents.”

Sing “A Happy Family” (p. 198).

Invite four more children to represent two sets of grandparents and ask them to write their first names on the grandparents’ lines. Comment on how their traits are similar to those of one of their family members, and give each a sign.
Have all seven family members turn their backs to the Primary.

As you sing “Family History—I Am Doing It” (p. 94), tap a family member on the shoulder, which is their cue to turn around. When they are facing the Primary, have those children who have a family characteristic or trait like their sign join in singing.

Remind the children that through temple ordinances our families can be together forever. Invite them to ask their parents about their family history.