Choosing helpers ideas (by Jenny Lynn)
  1. Die Cut Shapes with names on it. This can be done in a couple different ways depending on the theme. IE Theme: Faith in Jesus Christ--poster says “I Can Follow in Jesus Footsteps”—use feet. Poster says helpful hands or My Helping Hands—hands. Use seasonal die cut like hearts, flags, leaves, and stars.
  2. Popsicle Sticks with names or birth-dates on them--keep the ones you haven’t picked yet in one can and the ones you have picked in another. Put everybody’s name on one and if they are not there, say something like “where are they? We need to tell them we missed them if we see them at school.”
  3. Magician’s Hat—pull out names of helpers

I have been trying to come up with a new way to choose helpers for the new year.  I wanted something with 'fish' because the General Primary music meetings seem to kind of have a fish/water/sea feel to it!  So, I have decided to get a number 10 can and cover it with blue paper.  I will add waves and pictures of round life saver floats (do they have a real  name?) to the blue water.  I will probably write the SOS's our stake leaders told us: Singing Our Songs Saves Our Souls.  I have found clip art fish on which I will write the name of each child in primary.  I will then attach a metal christmas tree ormanment holder to the fish and place them all in the can.  I will "fish" for helpers, with a fishing pole with a magnet at the end, and "hang" the fish that I catch on the outer edge of the can.  When I have "caught" everyone, I will put them all back out to sea.