Prayer strengthens me and my family
(Friend Aug 2004, suggestion # 1)

Write Prayer Strengthens Me and My Family on the board.

To help the children understand the word strengthen, display a piece of paper and a book.
Explain that the book equals the challenges we are faced with in life; the paper represents us.

Invite a child to stand the paper on its edge and balance the book on top of it.
After a few children have tried it, explain that there is a way to make the paper strong enough to hold the book.
Roll the paper into a tube and secure it with a rubber band or piece of tape.
Stand the paper tube on its end on a flat surface.
Carefully place the book on top (practice beforehand).

Similarly, when we pray and keep the commandments, Heavenly Father will shape our character and give us strength ~ the kind of strength that gives us the courage to do what He asks and the faith to know He loves us and hears our prayers.

The First Presidency tells us: "You are a child of God. He is your Heavenly Father. He loves you and cares about you.
He wants you to have faith in Him and pray to Him often—anytime, anywhere" (Faith in God guidebook, 1).

Before Primary invite two or three families to come and share how prayer has strengthened and blessed their families.
Have each family share one of their favorite songs or hymns and sing it together or with the Primary.