Faith in the Lord strengthens me and my family 
(Friend Aug 2004, suggestion # 3)

To teach children how faith can strengthen us and our families,draw a large CTR shield (click on the link, C. Hillgaard) on a piece of paper.

Then draw and cut out darts from paper. On each dart, write a case study that gives the children an opportunity to choose the right ~ for example,

Faith in Jesus Christ means that even though we cannot see Him, we believe that He lives.
He loves us and wants to help us. Read D&C 27:15, 17 together.
Tell the children that there are many "fiery darts" in our world today. When we have faith in the Lord and trust and obey Him, He will help us to avoid the fiery darts and do what is right.

President Boyd K. Packer tells us:

"The ultimate purpose of all we teach is to unite parents and children in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ"
(Friend, July 2003, 39).

Bear your testimony of how faith has strengthened your family.