I have a body, so I can be tested
(CSMP Feb. 2005, suggestion # 1)

Invite a mother to bring her baby to Primary. Demonstrate the differences between what a baby can do with its body and what the Primary children can do with theirs, such as jumping and clapping.

Explain that as we grow, we learn to control our bodies. Similarly, observing gospel principles helps our spirits learn to control our bodies. 

Display a picture of a temple. 

Write appropriate principles from “My Gospel Standards” on strips of paper and put them in a box. Let children draw them out one at a time and tell one thing they can do to live the standard and gain control over their bodies. 

Have the children attach the slips of paper to the chalkboard so they appear to be stairs leading to the temple. 

Sing songs from the “Morality” section of the “Topics” index in the CS.