I will Choose the Right
(CSMO 2005, July suggestion # 1)
Teach “My Baptismal Covenant” from the Faith in God guidebooks, pages 2–3.

Choose pictures from the GAK or the Primary manual picture packets that represent keeping the commandments, such as:

Have one picture for each letter of the word baptism. 

On the back of each picture, put one of the letters of baptism, and display the pictures on one side of the chalkboard. 
On the other side of the chalkboard, list scriptures that teach the commandments represented by the pictures, such as:

Pair an older child with a younger child. 
Have the older child read the scripture and the younger child choose the picture that matches. 
As pictures are selected, turn them over until baptism is spelled out. 

Sing “When I Am Baptized” (CS, 103).