The principles of the restoration
(Friend Feb. 2003, suggestion # 3)

Play a game to review A of F 1:1, A of F 1:5, A of F 1:8, and A of F 1:9, which deal with principles of the Restoration.

Give each child a pencil and a piece of paper that has been sectioned into five rows and five columns.
Prior to sharing time, write the following 30 terms on the chalkboard and on separate pieces of paper and place them in a container:

  1. God,
  2. Eternal,
  3. Father,
  4. Son,
  5. Jesus Christ,
  6. Holy Ghost,
  7. man,
  8. prophecy, l
  9. aying,
  10. hands,
  11. authority,
  12. preach,
  13. gospel,
  14. administer,
  15. ordinances,
  16. thereof,
  17. Bible,
  18. word,
  19. translated,
  20. correctly,
  21. Book of Mormon,
  22. revealed,
  23. now,
  24. yet,
  25. many,
  26. great,
  27. important,
  28. things,
  29. pertaining,
  30. kingdom.

Have the children write “We believe” in the center space of their cards.
Read the above articles of faith aloud while pointing to the important words listed on the chalkboard.
Have the children choose 24 of them and write them in random order in the remaining spaces on their cards.

Give each child small pieces of paper or other items, such as beans or buttons, to use as markers and put one in the “We believe” space, and other markers on the words as they are said.
Have the children take turns choosing and reading a word from the container.
When a child has markers covering five spaces in a row, he or she raises his or her hand and says, “I believe.” Invite the child to stand and repeat any article of faith.

Between games, sing songs such as “The First Article of Faith” (p. 122), “The Fifth Article of Faith” (p. 125), “The Ninth Article of Faith” (p. 128), “The Sacred Grove” (p. 87), “The Priesthood Is Restored” (p. 89), “On a Golden Springtime” (p. 88), “Book of Mormon Stories” (pp. 118-119).

Encourage the children to take their card home to share with their family as an idea for a family home evening activity.