Participating in wholesome recreational activities helps my family develop unity and love for one another
(Friend September 2004, suggestion # 2)

On a large strip of paper, write "Successful . . . families are established and maintained on principles of . . . respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities."

Cut the sentence into individual words.
Hide the words under selected chairs before Primary.
Invite the children to look for the words and work together to arrange them.
Just as they worked together to arrange the sentence, it is also important to work together in our families.

If possible, sit in a circle and tell the children you are going to play a game to help discover things we can do to strengthen our families.
Hold up a wordstrip that says, "I strengthen my family when I __________ ."
Fill in the blank with a short phrase that suggests a way to serve, work, or show love to family members (for example, wash the dishes, take care of the baby, say kind words, clean my room, hug my dad).

Then hand the wordstrip to a child, and have him or her repeat everything you said, then add his or her own suggestion of what we can do.
The child then passes the wordstrip to the next person, with each person continuing to repeat what has been said and adding to it.

When the statement becomes too long to remember, start over at the beginning.

Encourage the children to strengthen their families this week by doing what they discussed.