Prayer strengthens me and my family
(by wendyjallen)
  1. Take weights on a bar that will be too heavy for children to lift. (probably 15 kilos or more).
    Ask a Sunbeam boy to come & move the weights for you. When he finds he cannot do it, ask him to invite another child to help him. Continue working up the age groups in this way. If no children can lift them, invite a male teacher (or Bishopric member) to lift them for you.
  2. Often in life we have problems or challenges that are like the weights – we cannot lift, or solve, them by ourselves. We need someone bigger & stronger to help us.
  3. Ask the children: ‘Who can we ask to help us solve problems?’
    They may give answers such as parents, teachers, the Bishop. Accept all those (you might liken them to asking other children to lift the weights). Lead them to give Heavenly Father & Jesus as an answer.
  4. Praying to Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name gives us the strength to solve our problems. Tell story of Alma’s people in captivity, Mosiah 24:8-15, and how their burdens were made to feel lighter because they were given strength to carry them.
    The story, ‘Blessing the Brick Kiln’ in The Friend, August 2004 could also be used to illustrate a more modern application.