Respect, love, work, and wholesome recreation can strengthen my family
(Friend September 2004, suggestion # 3)

To introduce September's theme, give each child a copy of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" (Ensign, Nov. 1995, 102).

Read paragraph seven (beginning with "Happiness in family life is . . . ") together.

Many Primary songs teach us about the principles in the proclamation.
Hold up a picture of your family.
Tell the children you will hold up the family picture on a keyword that is found in both the song and the proclamation.

Sing the song; then ask the children if they recognize the keyword (or the similar word).
Have them locate it in their paragraph and underline it; then write it (or draw a symbol that reminds them of it) on the outside frame of their paper.

Discuss one or two ways the children can live the principles taught in the proclamation.
Teach them that when we live these principles, we will be happy and our families will be strengthened.

Bear testimony with a personal experience, and invite the children to place the proclamation in their homes where it will be a reminder for them.

Examples of songs and keywords:

  1. "A Happy Family" (p. 198), happy (happiness)

  2. "Families Can Be Together Forever" (p. 188), families

  3. "Kindness Begins with Me" (p. 145), kind (respect)

  4. "Love One Another" (p. 136), love (compassion)

  5. "I Will Follow God's Plan" (pp. 16465), work.

Ask the children to share some of their favorite family activities and act them out as you sing "Fun to Do" (p. 253).

Have the children underline the words wholesome recreational activities, and use simple figures to draw a favorite family activity on the back of their papers.