Music Workshop Sept 2004
(notes by Shauna in Layotn)

The theme was: Songs of the Heart. 

Objective:  To help music leaders understand how teaching the Primary songs can help lock the gospel principles into the children’ hearts.

H—How to teach a song

  1. Know the Song
  2. Sing the Words—Children learn better by listening than by reading.  Teach by rote—hear it then sing it.  We know the words to Primary songs because they’re learned by rote.  Hymns are read so we don’t know them as well.
  3. Direct the children’s listening using questions (Using I Believe in Christ as the example, each prompt is a line in the song)
    a. Listen for another name for Christ.  Sing first line…  Now sing, emphasizing the name
    b. Listen for how I sing to Him…  When you hear the answer, put your hand on your heart.
    c. Listen to the melody.  Does it go up or down?  Show up or down with your hand.  Now sing it with me.  Increase your voices as the melody goes up.
    d. Listen for words meaning offering praise or prayer.  Sing the line with me.  Now sing the last 2 lines together
    e. If you had written this hymn, what would you have titled it?
    f. Everyone slump over in chair for one line.  “We didn’t sound very good, did we?  The song says to be sung enthusiastically.  If I use small movements with my arm, use soft voices.  If I make larger arm movements, use larger voices.  Remember to never sing louder than beautiful.”

E—Engage the children

A—Approved Resources

R—Repeat and Review