The Sabbath day is a day to rest from our labors and to strengthen family relationships

(Friend Nov 2004, suggestion # 2)

Explain that we are promised that as we keep the Sabbath with thanksgiving and cheerfulness, we will be greatly blessed (D&C 59:919, 23).

Invite the children to think of those who love and help them (parents, family members, bishop, home teachers, friends, teachers, etc.) and write or draw letters of gratitude. (See Faith in God guidebook, 9.)

The children could also think of those who help others, such as the missionaries, and write or draw notes of appreciation to them. Testify that having a spirit of gratitude and a cheerful heart will help us to keep the Sabbath day holy.

Sing "For Thy Bounteous Blessings" (p. 21).
Sing a line and have the children echo it back to you. This song has been divided into four parts to sing as a round. For a different way to sing as a round, divide the children into three groups. Assign the first group to sing the first part three times and then sing the fourth part. Assign the second group to sing the second part two times and then sing the fourth part. Assign the third group to sing the third part once and then sing the fourth part. Everyone will be singing the fourth part ("We give thanks, O Lord") together.