The prophet today teaches me how to strengthen my family
(Friend Oct. 2004, suggestion # 2)

Help the children understand that prophets strengthen our families by showing us how to follow Jesus Christ and walk in His light.

Our latter-day prophets have taught the importance of families. Just as the flashlight helped to light the way to the picture of the home, our prophet's counsel becomes the tool we need to build up our homes and strengthen our families each day.

Ask the groups to discuss how the prophet's counsel can be like a tool to build our families and be prepared to:

  1. say what they can specifically do to follow the counsel and

  2. suggest a song or hymn that reinforces the counsel.

One at a time, have them place their puzzle pieces on the board, and report and sing.

Younger children could "show" what they can do to follow the counsel.

Testify that just as we have talked about and shown ways to live and follow our prophet's counsel in Primary, we can build our own homes on the teachings of Jesus and strengthen our families as we follow the prophet. Encourage the children to share in family home evening what they have learned.