Book of Mormon adventure
Kathy Ohler

Cardston 1st Ward
Primary Activity, June 2004

Children, in Book of Mormon attire, gather in the Primary Room and will be organized into 4 'families' with 2 or 3 teachers in each group.

Primary Room: represents Jerusalem

Sing: Book of Mormon Stories p. 118 (all verses)
Opening Prayer:

Lehi & Sariah:
Lehi introduces who he and his wife are and their 4 sons.
Lehi speaks to the 'family' and tells them of his vision that they are to leave Jerusalem.
Lehi & Sariah lead the 'family' into the wilderness: along the hall towards the multi-purpose room down to the front door, back into the multi purpose room. (Laman & Lemuel complain off and on & Nephi & Sam try to encourage them.)

Multi Purpose Room:
Lehi tells the 'family' that they will camp here for a season. A tent will be set up for Lehi & Sariah to sit in front of. The rest will sit around on the floor.

EAT: mini pitas with honey butter in them, grapes, 'Fruit to Go", water.....

-After all have finished eating Lehi will call their attention to a strange object that he has found in front of his tent - the LIAHONA.

He tells them of the great blessing that has come to them from the Lord to lead and guide them in the wilderness and that in order for it to work they must remain righteous.

Lehi gathers them together and they follow the Liahona into the wilderness: go back towards the Primary Room and around to the west side and enter into the dark overflow area.

Lehi asks them to follow him into the darkness and to hold on to the iron rod.

Overflow Area: Dark- iron rod leading to the tree of life (white lights on it)

He has them all sit down and he explains his vision of the Tree of Life and what it means.

Sing: Nephi's Courage (2 verses) p. 120 (Nephi and his brothers act out the first 2 verses)

Lehi leads the rest into the cultural hall.
Activity: Nephi explains that they need to get provisions into the ship as they will be sailing to the Promise Land soon.

The children are in 4 families- and their team leaders will be Laman, Lemuel, Sam & Nephi

Lehi & Sariah lead the 'family' onto the boat: up the stairs onto the stage, then down the west side and into the Scout Room.

Scout Room: set up like Hill Cumorah
Nephi: pretends to be engraving on the Golden Plates
Deb French sings: The Golden Plates

Nephi speaks:
Bears testimony of the importance of the Golden Plates. Testifies of what he saw in visions: much wickedness, devastations at Christ's death, the glorious appearance of Jesus Christ to the Nephites.

Short Video: Christ appearing to the Nephites

Angel Moroni:
Appears and introduces himself as the last prophet to write on the Golden Plates - another testament of Jesus Christ. He tells of the destruction of the Nephites and Lamanites and how he was commanded to bury the plates to preserve them for the last days. He tells them that the time came to bring forth this important record and that the Prophet Joseph Smith has been chosen for this purpose.

Joseph Smith comes out and the Angel Moroni (calling him by name) explains to him that he needs to guard these plates with his life and translate them. That the Lord will guide and bless him in this great work.

Joseph Smith: tells the children that he was blessed to translate the golden plates into the Book of Mormon (holding up a Book of Mormon). He tells them that he restored the true church on the earth and that this true church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Bears testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He did live upon this earth. That He is our Savior and Elder Brother. That He loves us and that through him we can Be Families Forever....

Sing: "We'll Bring the World His Truth: (1 verse- do chorus twice) p. 172

Present each child with their own Book of Mormon. Encourage them to read the Book of Mormon with their families. To write their testimony in this Book of Mormon and give it to someone who is not a member of the Church. The little ones can keep it and bring it with them to Primary. (Have a note for parents in each Book of Mormon)

Closing Prayer: