How to use a stick!!!
Tomorrow is our stake primary leadership meeting.  
The music people are all supposed to bring an idea for teaching songs that uses a stick (paint stick.).  
Someone sent me the idea to paint a stick silver and write "The Iron Rod" on it.  The kids would pass it around while singing and when the music stops they say the next word or phrase or pick the next song.  I am looking for any other ideas to do with this stick. Anyone have any good ideas???
Thanks in advance,
Nicole in UT


I love paint sticks! I put a little piece of Velcro on the top of them and ~ use them for all sorts of things. I have Velcro on the backs of several of the visuals I use. My favorite is to use them for the 5 minutes before Primary begins. My pianist plays songs we know as prelude. I stick my bee (hum) or owl (oooo) or Lulu (lulululu) or Bubba (bubububu) on the stick and hold it up. The kids have to watch to see what sound they should make while they wait for Primary to start. Sometimes I'll also hold up a smiley face or the loud or soft to go with it. (So I'm holding two signs, one in each hand.) It also warms up their voices for singing and helps them be more reverent. 

I also use them in the nursery and junior primary. I made several circles  (about 4 inches in diameter) with different animals to use with Do As I'm Doing. One of the kids will choose an animal and stick in on the paint stick. Then I have a can that the stick stands up in so the kids can see what the animal is and what he does. (Seal claps, butterfly flies, ants march, etc.)

Marianne Baker


You could make a "flipper"~ the stick has something on each side and you flip it back and forth to tell the kids how to sing.  You could do: a hummingbird and a canary (hum or sing your prettiest), one with boys and girls (most people already have this one), one with teachers and children, stop and go, stand and sit, Valiant 9 and Valiant 10 (different  classes sing), loud and soft, rabbit and tortoise (fast, slow), 2 different colors (the people wearing those colors or with that eye color would sing OR split them into two groups giving each group a color, then they sing when their side's color is showing), write EOW (sing every other word) on one side and ALL (sing every word) on the other.

Nancy Wells