Primary 4 Lesson Manual Picture Kit ~ Numerical order
by Elizabeth Solomon



Creation - Living Creatures

6-2 Garden of Eden
6-3 God the Father and Jesus Christ
6-4 Adam and Eve
6-5 Adam and Eve Kneeling at an Altar
6-6 City of Enoch
6-7 Building the Ark
6-8 Noah and the Ark with Animals
6-9 Angel Saves Abraham, An
6-10 Book of Abraham Facsimile #1
6-11 Abraham Taking Isaac to Be Sacrificed
6-12 Crossing the Red Sea
6-13 Daniel in the Lion's Den
6-14 Three Men in the Fiery Furnace
6-15 Rebekah at the Well
6-16 Joseph Is Sold by His Brothers
6-17 Oyster and Pearl
6-18 Joseph Resists Potiphar's Wife
6-19 Joseph and the Butler and Baker
6-20 Joseph Forgiving his Brothers
6-21 Moses in the Bulrushes
6-22 Israelites in Bondage
6-23 Moses and the Burning Bush
6-24 Moses and the Ten Commandments
6-25 Moses and the Brass Serpent
6-26 Jesus Washing the Apostles' Feet
6-27 Crucifixion, The
6-28 Second Coming, The
6-29 Joshua Taking Jericho
6-30 Moses Ordaining Joshua

Gideon Defeats the Midianites

6-32 Samson Pulls Down Pillars
6-33 Ruth Gleaning in the Fields
6-34 Hannah Presents Samuel at the Temple
6-35 Boy Samuel Called by the Lord
6-36 Jesus at the Door
6-37 David Slays Goliath
6-38 David and Jonathan
6-39 Elijah Being Fed by the Ravens
6-40 First Vision, The
6-41 Elijah and the Prophets of Baal
6-42 Servant of Elisha and Naaman
6-43 Naaman is Cleansed
6-44 Esther
6-45 Daniel Refusing the King's Meat and Wine
6-46 Jonah Tries to Flee from God
6-47 Jesus Praying in Gethsemane
6-48 Resurrected Jesus Christ, The
6-49 Isaiah Writes of Christ's Birth
6-50 Birth of Jesus, The
6-51 Ordination to the Priesthood
6-52 John the Baptist Conferring the Aaronic Priesthood