"The Sacred Grove"

This song can be taught by using pictures from the GAK or the ward library, or by making simple drawings, mounting them on heavy paper, and attaching them to craft sticks that the children can hold up. Divide the song into phrases, and practice while holding up an appropriate picture:

"The Sacred Grove was green and fresh,"/ picture of the Sacred Grove;

"The morning sun shone bright around,"/ picture of the sun;

"As Joseph knelt in fervent prayer," (sing twice) / picture of Joseph praying in the Sacred Grove;

"Upon that sacred ground."/ picture of the ground or of the Sacred Grove and point to the ground;

"The Father and the Son appeared,"/ picture of the First Vision;
"They spoke to him as with one voice,"/ picture of Joseph Smith;

"Their message answered all his fears," (sing twice)/ word Fears;

"And made his heart rejoice."/ picture of a heart.

Select four children to help with the first verse, and four different children to help with the second verse. Ask questions such as "What happened in the Sacred Grove?" and "Why do we think of the ground as sacred?" Help the children understand the significance of what occurred when the Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith. Bear your testimony of the restoration of the gospel and of the Prophet Joseph Smith.