23 fun summer activities
  1. Obstacle Course--they had cones to go around, a big tube to crawl through, a hippity hop to bounce on 10 times, and even a Little Tikes slide to slide down.
  2. Paper Airplane Throwing--each child builds their own plane (with help for the younger ones). They throw it and see how far it goes.
  3. Football Toss--They suspended an inner tube between two poles stuck in the ground, and you had to throw the ball through the hole.
  4. Beanbag toss--they used socks filled with hard beans (like pinto). They had a large basket to throw in, and they moved it closer or farther away depending on the age.
  5. Dunking the Bishop--they actually found a dunking machine to use, and everyone had a chance to try to hit the target. This was a big hit, but it might be hard to find the dunking machine.
  6. Puzzles--they had different puzzles available for different age levels.
  7. Watermelon eating contest
  8. Relay races--each person had a bucket of water and a big spoon. They had to fill the spoon with water, run it to the other end, and try to fill a small cup with the water. This is a race that requires more skill than speed, because if you go too fast, you don't have any water at the other side.
  9. Water Balloon Volleyball--two people hold the corners of one towel. You have teams on each side. You throw the water balloon by flipping it with the towel, and the other side catches it with their towel.
  10. Samuel, the Lamanite Wall Crawl: After hearing the story about Samuel the Lamanite the children stand or sit on the table (simulation of the wall) and sing the verse of Book of Mormon Stories about Samuel the Lamanite as all the children on the ground squirt them with water guns. (We're having the kids bring their own water guns, we probably won't need more than 10.
  11. Moses parting of the Red Sea Tug of War: After hearing the story of Moses and how he parted the Red Sea, divide the children into 2 groups, one on each side of a blow up kiddy pool and have them tug of war until one side ends up in the pool.
  12. Helaman and the Two Thousand Warriors Water Balloon Battle: After hearing the story of Helaman divide the children into two groups, one side represents Lamanites, the other the 2000 (Ammonites united with Nephites) give each child their designated number of water balloons and let them go at it! We're using black face paints (like a football player does) to distinguish Lamanites. At the end the children pick up their "casualties" (the broken water balloon pieces)before switching to the next station.
  13. Traveling in the Wilderness Relay Race: After hearing the story of Lehi and his family traveling through the wilderness. Form 2 equal lines in front of each bucket. (One bucket for each line filled with water and one empty bucket a few feet away) the race is to fill up your sponge and run to the empty bucket to squeeze out the water. The side with the most water in the empty bucket at the end wins. Tie in how precious water was in the wilderness.
  14. We set up an obstacle course where they had to walk on a board and go through a hula-hoop and walk in some bicycle tires-all while holding a full cup of water. That was fun.
  15. Watermelon seed-spitting contest. They loved that one. They had to stand in a line and spit. We went through two really big watermelons
  16. Adam - Adam's Apple - bobbing for apples
  17. Enoch - Enoch Says (for Jr. Primary only) play like Simon Says
  18. Noah - Noah's Ark - this a relay race in which the children will fill the ark with stuffed animals.
  19. Samuel - Samuel's Maze - We will blindfold the children and have them travel through a mazes by the direction of the game leader.
  20. Moses - Gathering Manna - We will have the lounge area covered with cotton balls and in a certain time we will see sho gathers the most manna.
  21. Jonah - Go Fish - We have a giant whale taped to the moving blackboard and we have fishing poles . The children will fish and receive a small bag of Swedish fish.
  22. Daniel - Lion Bowling - We have used 2 litter bottles and put pictures of a lions head on each one. There will be two bowling lane and the children will have two chances to get all the pins down.
  23. Moses (Sr. Primary only) We will put a large star on the basket ball hoop with a lot of little ones and the kids will play stars ( like horse)