Jesus Christ was chosen to be the Savior of the world
Friend Marts 2004, suggetion # 1

Show the children the four large question marks and tell them that when we discover the answers to these questions, we will know the answer to the big question.

Choose a child to leave the room.

Questions, Answers, and Corresponding Songs:

  1. Who volunteered and was chosen in the premortal life to help with Heavenly Father’s plan? (Jesus Christ), “I Lived in Heaven” (p. 4);
  2. What does our Heavenly Father want for us as His children? (To be happy and choose the right), “I Need My Heavenly Father” (p. 18);
  3. What did Jesus Christ do for us? (Suffered and died for us), “To Think about Jesus” (p. 71);
  4. How will we be saved from our sins? (Through the Atonement of Christ), “The Third Article of Faith” (p. 123).

As the children sing “He Sent His Son” (pp. 34–35), ask them to stand when they sing the answer to the big question. Answer: “To die for us and rise with living breath” (that we might live again).

Review with the children the analogy of the Primary children (representing the world) and the helper (representing our parents, prophets, and teachers). Bear testimony that the Savior makes it possible and helps us return to our Father in Heaven.