Pioneer obstacle course
by Vivkie Johnson
My daughter recently attended a marvelous activity day in primary based on the pioneer theme.

One of the favorite games was a "Rocky Mountain" obstacle course designed around things the pioneer children might have encountered.

They had to climb over cliffs (small ladders and steps) and down again with children (dolls) and go through narrow passages filled with poison ivy (batting pulled apart so it would stick on their clothes) of which they had to remove before finishing their journey.

They had to stop and hunt for food in one area (smaller children were helped by playing hot and cold until they found the meat--a stuffed bear, fish, plastic eggs etc. .).

Other obstacles might include "Tragedy Trail" where each child gets to choose from an iron dutch oven a "tragedy" and write down in the community journal how they would overcome it ~ (being invited to a party on Sunday, being asked to lie for a friend, etc...)

In the end, the children all gathered together for bread and homemade butter and vegetable soup. Each child brought a vegetable for the soup which cooked in the kitchen during the activity. While they eat their soup, leaders can read the "triumphs" (solutions) over the "Tragedy Trail" and commend the children for being good modern day pioneers as their solutions to everyday challenges are shared from their very own pioneer journal. "