We miss you - cards
  1. Here are the BEAR facts: We missed you in Primary! (Gummy bears)
  2. I missed your smile at Primary! (Smiley-face sticker)
  3. You're the KEY to our having a great Primary class! (Cut in shape in key)
  4. Be a LIFESAVER! Come help me in Primary! (Lifesavers)
  5. I can't BEAR not seeing you in Primary! (Cinnamon bear)
  6. It's MOUNDS of fun being your Primary teacher! (Mounds bar)
  7. Watch the time, don't be late. . . Remember at Primary you really rate! (Clock pointing to the time Primary tarts)
  8. I missed your SWEET smile in Primary today! (Sweet Tart)
  9. Hope to be seeing you in Primary next week! (In shape of glasses or binoculars)
  10. I have some fun to SHELL out in Primary tomorrow! (Walnut)
  11. We'll be WATCHING for you in Primary tomorrow! (Toy watch)
  12. I hope you'll AIM to be with us in Primary! (Picture of target and arrow)
  13. Unscramble this word and bring it with you to Primary. (Use any keyword from your lesson)
  14. Primary SPARKLES when you're there! (Glitter and gold ink)
  15. Primary is a BALL when you come! (Gumball or bouncy ball)
  16. CHEWS the right path -- come to Primary! (Gum)
  17. You are the HEART of our Primary class! (Candy heart or cut out heart)
  18. You make our class SHINE when you are at Primary! (Paper sun)
  19. You're a STAR in our class! (Paper star or sticker)
  20. POP into our Primary class on Sunday! (Popcorn)
  21. You LIGHT up our hearts when you come to Primary! (Paper lightbulb)
  22. I beLEAF you will love Primary next Sunday! See you there! (Leaf)
  23. REMEMBER to be in Primary on Sunday! (String tied in a bow)
  24. Open the DOOR to a wonderful Sunday! Come join us in Primary! (Door on front of folded card)
  25. Just a NOTE to let you know we missed you in Primary! (Paper musical note)
  26. I'm COUNTING on seeing you in Primary! (Numbers all over a card)
  27. It's ROUGH not seeing you in Primary! Please Come! (Sand paper)
  28. You LIGHT up my day when you come to Primary! (Small birthday candle)
  29. It's PLANE to see we missed you in Primary! (Folded into paper airplane)
  30. Add COLOR to your life! Come to Primary! (Crayon)
  31. Come BLOOM and grow with us in Primary. (Flower)
  32. You're BERRY special to our class! See you at Primary! (Strawberry candy or cut out)
  33. You are the ONE we'd like to see at Primary! (Card cut into a #1 shape)