Babysitting kit
(by Stacey)

Our FIG girls have really enjoyed making babysitting kits. 

We made copies of first aid helps, copies of games for them to color for the kids (file folder games), wrote up some ideas of things to do with the kids (row, row, row your boat etc) and sewed bean bags and bags for them to put their stuff in. 

We just sewed two placemats together and added ribbon for the handles. 
The girls had so much fun that they all want sewing machines for christmas! 
We worked on it for a couple of weeks.

I brought my little kids so that the girls could practice holding a baby, putting a baby down for a nap, feeding a toddler, etc. 

Anyway, They loved it and it was really easy for the leaders, because all they had to do was make a few copies and bring sewing machines.