FHE lesson box
(shared by Rebecca Smith)

For our last Activity Days meeting, we made a "Family Home Evening lesson/flannel board in a box" which can be added to.

Leader Preparation:
I went to the cake decorating aisle at Joann's and bought each girl a 10X10 cake box, for .99 each. (We have 10 girls in our group) I then
stopped by Walmart to buy 2 yards of light blue felt by the yard ($3.77 a yard) and also prepared some flannel board pictures to copy at the church library before the meeting of the 'First Vision', as well as the lesson to go with it. Pre-colate the lesson & pages for each girl.
The meeting:
After opening prayer & such, we told the girls we were making a FHE in a box, & divided the girls into two groups.
We had two stations, the table and chairs was the station for coloring, & cutting figures out.
Another station we had on the floor where with the leader's help, cut out a 10X10 square to glue on the top of the cake box.  The girls also cut flannel backing for their lesson cut outs. The girls switched & when all was done, the pieces and lessons went into the box!
They now knew how to cut & attach backing to peices & can add their own lessons to their box, keeping the peices & lesson in ziploc bags.
Not only that, but the felt topped box serves as a flannel board.