Jesus taught us to pray
Friend July 2003, suggestion # 1

Review Jesus’ teachings on prayer by reading and discussing Matt. 6:7–13.

Explain that Jesus also taught us by example that we can pray anytime, anywhere. On pieces of paper, write these scripture references:

 Matt. 14:23; Matt. 26:36 and Bible Dictionary ~ Gethsemane; Mark 1:35; Mark 6:46; Luke 3:21; Luke 5:16; Luke 6:12; Luke 18:1.

Have each class choose a reference, locate the scripture, and, by reading it, discover where or when a person could pray.
Have a child from each class draw on the chalkboard or on a piece of paper a picture that illustrates that class’s scripture, such as a mountain, a sunrise, or a wilderness.
Have the rest of the Primary guess what was illustrated, then locate the scripture and read it aloud.

Sing a song about prayer or about the Savior.

Repeat the process with the other classes’ scriptures.

Discuss additional places and times they can pray (see Alma 34:17–27).

Share an experience of a time when your prayers were answered and bear testimony that Heavenly Father will answer the children’s prayers for their good