Reviewing AoF
(by Angela)
This is what I use when I am reviewing/teaching the articles of faith to the kids.
  1. 1 God
  2. 2 people in the garden of Eden-Adam's transgressions
  3. 3 steps to the atonement - Birth, Crucifixion, Resurrection
  4. 4 principles & ordinances - Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost
  5. 5 fingers on a hand - Laying on of hands
  6. 6 sides to a church (4 walls, floor, ceiling)---organization of the church or there are 6 things listed----1. Apostles, 2. Prophet, 3. Pastors, 4. Teachers, 5. Evangelists, 6. And so forth (meaning more)
  7. 7 rhymes with heaven = gifts from heaven or there are 7 things listed. 1. Tongues, 2. Prophecies, 3. Revelation, 4. Visions, 5. Healing, 6. Interpretation of Tongues, 7. And so forth (meaning more)
  8. 8 is when you are baptized...I was given my scriptures as a gift after I was baptized = Bible & Book of Mormon
  9. 9 rhymes with mine, when you mine diamonds or gold you are looking for them to be revealed---We believe all that God has revealed
  10. 10 tribes
  11. 11 Odd number/Odd ball = We claim not we believe
  12. 12 inches in a ruler = We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, RULERS...
  13. Longest one (Maybe use a "baker's dozen"---there's one more)
It took me coming up with some of them to be able to teach them, but the kids remember which ones they are because they have something to relate them to.