Ten Commandments
Friend, May 1998, suggestion # 3

The Lord gave the Ten Commandments in the time of Moses, but they apply to all of us today.

Write large numbers 1–10 on separate sheets of paper. On the opposite side, write a short version of the appropriate commandment (see Ex. 20:3–17).

Teach the song “The Commandments” (CS, pp. 112–113).

Then have the children form a circle and put the papers in the center with the numbers facing up. While the pianist (or tape) plays the song, have the children pass a beanbag around the circle.
When the music stops, the child holding the beanbag says the next phrase (commandment) of the song.
He/she can ask for help from the child on his/her right.
That child identifies the number of the commandment from the cards on the floor and turns it over to see if the choice is correct.

Every so often, ask a question about a commandment, e.g.,