The Golden Plates
by Cindee & Katie
We had a stake activity this year where they taught the golden plates.
The stake music director had 4 pictures/visual aids:
  1. The Golden Plates
  2. Joseph Smith
  3. Nephi
  4. The Book of Mormon
She explained why each picture was included and told any additional
In reviewing it, she asked the kids to put the pictures in the right order.


I think it would be fun to act this one out to help reinforce the meaning of the song.  

Reference GAK pictures:

The first line:  
Start by dressing up a child  as Moroni and have the child bury the golden plates (a picture would work or if you felt ambitious you could make plates using cardboard and gold spray paint).
Second line:
Have that same child stand on a chair and wrap him in a white sheet.  Ask another child to be Joseph Smith.  Talk about how the Lord instructed Angle Moroni to appear to Joseph and reveal the location of the golden plates.  Then have Joseph, un-bury the plates.
After you act out the song and sing through it a few times you could then let the children play a hot/cold game.  
Have one child (Joseph Smith) go out of the room.  
As another child (Angel Moroni) hide the plates.  
Have Joseph come back in and find the plates while the children sing louder or softer depending on the location.  
This would be a good way to practice the song over and over again.

Cindee in Utah