Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden
(Friend Jan 2005, suggestion # 4)

Using GAK pictures

teach the story of Adam and Eve and the role they played in Heavenly Father's plan.

Post both pictures on the wall.

Make wordstrips identifying conditions specific to the Garden of Eden:

and wordstrips identifying conditions in the world after the Fall

Place wordstrips in a box, and pass the box while the children sing "I Will Follow God's Plan" (pp. 164–65).
Stop the music frequently. When the music stops, let a child pick a wordstrip and place it under the appropriate picture.

Have the children read the testimony of Adam and Eve in Moses 5:10–12.

Point out that because of Adam and Eve, we can come to earth and be part of a family. Just as they taught their family the gospel, we can learn and live the gospel in our own families.

Divide the Primary into three groups.

  1. Ask the first group to think of ways to keep the commandments at home,

  2. the second to think of ways to keep the commandments at school,

  3. the third to think of ways to keep the commandments at church.

Pick one child from each group to draw on the chalkboard one thing they can do to keep the commandments.

They must complete their drawings while the children sing a verse of "Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth" (Hymns, no. 298).

Have the children guess what the activities are. Repeat as time allows.

Bear testimony that Adam and Eve were an important part of Heavenly Father's plan.