Heavenly Father presented His plan for us in the Grand Council in Heaven
(Friend Jan 2005, suggestion # 3)

Help the children memorize Moses 1:39 (see TNGC, pp. 171–72).

Teach the plan of salvation by using stations that represent each phase of our existence:

  1. premortal,

  2. earth life,

  3. spirit world,

  4. and degrees of glory.

(This will need to be taught chronologically. If your Primary is small, move to each station as a group. With many children, select small groups to represent the whole group and have them move from station to station at the front of the room.)

Premortal life:
Abraham 3:22–26; D&C 138:55–56;
"The Family: A Proclamation to the World," paragraphs 2–3;
"I Lived in Heaven" (p. 4).

Earth life: Articles of Faith;
My Gospel Standards;
role of the Savior; stories from the scriptures of choosing the right;
"Choose the Right Way" (pp. 160–61).

Spirit world:
Alma 40:9–14; D&C 138
(the righteous will do missionary work);
"Called to Serve" (pp. 174–75); talk about the importance of temple work for the dead.

Degrees of glory:
D&C 76; Articles of Faith 1:3–4;
"Families Can Be Together Forever" (p. 188).