"I will follow God's plan" CS 164–65
(Friend Jan 2005, suggestion # 5)

"I Will Follow God's Plan" CS 164–65

Divide the chalkboard or a large sheet of paper in half.

On one side write "My Life," and provide a picture or drawing for each phrase in the first three lines for example,

On the other side of the board, write "I Will," and provide pictures for each phrase in the rest of the song. Post them in random order next to "I Will."

Have the children look at the pictures on the first half of the board and listen as you sing the first line.

Let them choose the pictures that illustrate that line and put them in order.

Sing the first line together.
Repeat this with the first three lines.
Repeat the activity with the lines that begin with "I will."

Sing the song all the way through.
You can repeat the song as you remove pictures, or mix them up again and have the children put them in order.

Encourage the children to sing this song with their families