I will follow God's plan
(by Melanie Edwards Sherman Oaks, CA)
  1. Make a very large map out of poster paper that covers the blackboard.  (Or draw it on the chalkboard).  Have one section clouds, one section earth, one section Sun (celestial kingdom).
  2. Get 2 die cuts of footprints for each clue. One set will be numbered 1-13 and placed in a path across the map  (Note:  Clue #1 will have the number on the front and the clue on the back all others will be separate).  The other set print the clue on it and hide with the clip art around the room.
  3. Make clip art of gift, plan, clouds, earth, light, footprints , scriptures, working, praying, walking, happy face on earth, home in the clouds.
If I wanted to drive to New York would I just get on a road and hope I find it? 
What would I use to help me?

A Map. Maps help us get from one place to another.

How many of you want to go back to live in Heaven with Heavenly Father? 
Does anybody have a map to Heaven? 
Do you think Heavenly Father wants us to live with Him again?


Do you think He would send us here and not give us a map to get home?
Heavenly Father's map is just a little different than what we are used to seeing.
What are some things that could be Heavenly Father's map?
Heavenly Father has created a plan for all of us to get back to live with Him.
It is called the Plan of Salvation or the Plan of Happiness.
Heavenly Father presented us this plan when we lived in Heaven before we were born.
We all heard the plan and chose to follow it.
Here is a very simple explanation of the Plan.
Here is a big map. It shows the path of our life. It starts in heaven. Then we go to earth, and finally we end up back in heaven. We need to find all the clues that will help us get from the beginning to the end. Here is our first clue (Show the diecut #1 on the map turn it over and read the clue. Let’s see what is says.

   Congratulations!! You followed the plan and have reached the Celestial Kingdom. Sing the whole song.