I am a child of God, Jr.
(by Angela)

Who am I?

I will state my full name

  • Who are you? ( I will point to a few children and have them give me their name)

  • I will show a picture of an infant and ask, How old is this baby?)

  • Where did she live before she came to earth? (explain that all people on the earth right now lived with Heavenly Father and Jesus)

I will then read pg. 7&8 in New Testament Reader, about living in heaven (Before the New Testament)

  • I will then ask them what ia a spirit) (explain a spirit is what makes us alive... out body allows us to run, jump, rock, clap, but our spirit allows us to feel love, happiness, sorrow ect.)

  • What does your spirit looks like? (I will put up various pictures of a tree, elephant, flower, dog, sunshine, and a picture of Heavenly Father and ask them which do they think our spirit most looks like?)

  • I will then explain that their spirits look just like them. Their spirits have eyes, ears, arms, legs ect.)

  • I will then show them a people puppet and ask what similarities does this puppet have to you and I? (a face, eyes, ears, hair, ect.

  • Can the puppet move?

  • Can the puppet run, jump, cry, feel love?

I will then put my hand inside the puppet and shoe that my hand is like our spirit, it enables this puppet to move. This puppet resembles a person, but it cannot do ALL the things that we can do because we have a body of flesh and blood and we have a spirit. Just as they cannot see my hand inside the puppet, we cannot see our spirit inside our body. Because my hand is not a spirit this puppet cannot cry, feel pain, show love and happiness, but the spirit inside each of our bodies allows us to be alive, and feel those things.

I will then hand each child a cut out of a paper doll, and have them color themselves on the paper doll (hair, eyes, skin color, clothes, ect.) I will explain that just as we all have similarities like the paper dolls all look alike, we are all different because we were created by Heavenly Father, and he made each of us uniquely different, and we are lucky because are children of God.

I will wrap up by explaining that Heavenly Father loved us so much that he let us choose to come to earth to gain a physical body so that we could choose between right and wrong, and he gave us a beautiful world to live in with loving families.

Sing: I'm a child of God