Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon.
Its teachings restored many true doctrines 
Friend March 2005, suggestion # 2

Help the children memorize the eighth article of faith by writing each phrase on a wordstrip.

As you sing "The Eighth Article of Faith" (p. 127), invite two children to put the wordstrips in order. Repeat the song, removing a wordstrip each time until the children can sing it without seeing the words.

  • Hold up a copy of the Bible and explain that the prophets of the Old and New Testaments teach of Jesus Christ.
  • Hold up a copy of the Book of Mormon and point out that the second part of its title is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ."
  • Why? The prophets in the Book of Mormon also teach us about Jesus Christ.

Play "Who Am I?" by dividing the children into five groups.

  • Select one child from each group.
  • On the back of each of the five children, tape a piece of paper with the name of one of the following prophets and a scripture reference of his testimony.
    (Nephi—2 Nephi 31:20–21, King Benjamin—Mosiah 3:17, Abinadi—Mosiah 16:13, Samuel the Lamanite—Helaman 14:8, and Moroni—Moroni 10:32).
  • Ask the five children to wait outside the Primary room.
  • Give each of the five groups the name of one of these prophets and let each group decide how to role-play a scene from the prophet's life.
  • Invite the five children back into the room.
  • As each one comes to the front, have the group assigned to the same prophet do the role play.
  • The child tries to guess the prophet and asks yes or no questions until he or she can correctly identify him.
  • After each of the prophets has been identified, let the children find and read that prophet's testimony of Christ from the Book of Mormon.

Bear your testimony and teach that missionaries use the Book of Mormon to teach of Jesus Christ.

Sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth" (pp. 172–73).