Heavenly Father blesses me when I am faithful
(Friend June 2006, suggestion # 4)

Because of their faith in Christ, modern prophets and prophets of old have fulfilled the work of God even in the face of strong opposition.

Heavenly Father blesses those who keep His commandments in faith.

Post the following GAK pictures on a board and briefly tell (or have the children help you tell) the stories:

Emphasize that these prophets were blessed because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Sing “Stand for the Right” (p. 159).

Divide the Primary into five groups.
Give each group a pair of shoes that they would associate with one of the prophets; for example,

Each group is to choose one of My Gospel Standards and determine how faith in Christ will help them live that standard and what blessings they will receive as they live it.

Let one child from each group stand in the “prophet’s shoes” and tell about their gospel standard and the blessings that come as they live it.

Let the children guess which prophet they represent.

Sing “Dare to Do Right” (p. 158).