I can follow God's plan by...
by Shannon, Ohio
Here is what we did for our quarterly activity last month.  We called it " I CAN follow God's plan by....."

We had 5 stations that they rotated through. 

  1. Baptism
    We had the missionaires come and talk about baptism and how/why its done.  They
              opened up the font and let the kids look inside. 
  2. Prayer
    We had a class on how/when to say prayers and the teacher had the room dark and had         flashlights for them and talked how prayer was like a light to guide us but we have to turn it on.  We made light switch covers (ahead of time) for the children to remind them to pray.
  3. Scriptures
    This class was on how to make the scriptures come to life.  We had a real dynamic teacher that retold scripture stories in a way the children would stay interested.  At the end of her presentation, the children strung beads unto bookmarks.  We purchased  colorful beads with the letters I-W-F-G-P-F-M. ( I will follow Gods plan for me)  They loved that!!
  4. Sacrament
    This class was held in the chapel and the teacher talked about what we should be thinking about during the sacrament and talked about the importance and the covenants we make and symbols of the sacrament.
  5. Tithing
    I taught this class I told the history of tithing. I printed off "Malachi Money" - 10 $1 for  each child. Each child filled out there own tithing slip and then I made a big pocket out of
    poster board and they had to put their tithing in the pocket on the way out to go shopping at the Malachi market for their lunch.  We had a small variety of things they could "buy" for lunch using their Malachi Money.  We had little cash registers at the end of the food lines and my counselors really got into playing the cashiers!  The children loved shopping and choosing for their lunch. 

It was sooo easy and little to no cleanup!  We had a great turnout and I felt that it was a great way to start out a new year by using the primary theme for the program for our first quarterly activity.