I learn about Jesus Christ as I read the scriptures
(Friend June 2005, suggestion # 2)

Put the following pictures in an upside-down stack:

Write the names of each of the prophets shown on the pictures, as well as the names of two or three other Book of Mormon prophets, on the chalkboard.

Tell the children that the names of the prophets, plus others not shown in the pictures, have been written on the board as clues.

Invite a child to choose a picture from the stack without showing it to anyone else.
Let the child look at the picture to identify the prophet and review the story in his or her mind.
Have the child play “Who Am I?” with the rest of the Primary children by answering their questions with “yes” or “no” until the children can guess which prophet he or she represents.
Also, they must ask questions beginning with the phrase, “Did your faith in Christ. …” (Example: “Did your faith in Christ help you protect the king’s flocks?”)
Play the game until each prophet is known.

Sing the verse from “Book of Mormon Stories” (pp. 118–19) that teaches about that prophet.